Closeup of child's face doing science experiement

Pop culture from the 1940s through the 1990s was the theme at Franklin Elementary School’s 14th Annual Math Night on February 9.  Franklin students and their families rotated between stations at “Math through the Decades” with games that included “Will It Form a Cube?,” the “Pac Man Mirror Maze," a “Disco Dance Coordinate Grid,” and “Tangrams are Groovy.”  

 “A huge thank you to the Franklin School staff who assembled and ran the games and to the Franklin School PTO for their support and help with the Estimation Stations,” says Franklin Achieve teacher Nancy Rygiel, who leads the well-attended event each year.  “It was a groovy night for all who attended!”

Students and their families at Washington Elementary School PTO’s Math and Science Night on February 8 enjoyed taking their turns at stations offering such activities as electromagnetism, magnet Lego mazes, math Twister, fingerprint detectives, math art, and sensory bags.

“I loved standing by the door to the auditorium as children left with their straw rockets, Popsicle stick catapults, and stickers on their shirts showing their long jump distance,” says Washington principal Dr. Andrew Perry, who thanked the parent volunteers, teachers, and alumni who “helped our youngsters have such an engaging evening.”