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Counseling Department SEL Presentation at November 13 Board Meeting


At the November 13, 2018 meeting of the Westfield Board of Education, Maureen Mazzarese, Director of Counseling in the Westfield Public Schools, prepared a report summarizing her department’s role in promoting and expanding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), one of the district’s goals for 2018-2019.  Ms. Mazzarese noted that school counselors have promoted social and emotional learning for many years and will continue to do so.  While the school district can’t control many outside influences, Ms. Mazzarese said, “we can consistently monitor the resilience of our students to make sure they feel safe, supported and listened to.”  To view the full presentation, please click this link.


Here are some additional highlights of the comprehensive report:

  • At every grade level, counselors are working with students individually, in small groups, in classrooms, on playgrounds, and at parent meetings to address students’ academic, social and emotional success and well-being.
  • Every counselor has a Student Growth Objective (SGO) that incorporates ways to implement and measure Social and Emotional Learning.
  • Counselors contribute to schoolwide goals around resiliency, school climate, anti-bullying, and character education.
  • Counselors continue to work with students on anxiety prevention, anger management skills, coping strategies, decision-making, and building resilience.
  • Peer leaders at the intermediate and high school levels are trained by counselors as part of the Character Education program.
  • Every interaction with a student is an opportunity to observe and build upon the Social and Emotional Learning competencies.  “Words matter.  They matter a lot,” Ms. Mazzarese said.  “We use language that supports trust, balance, wellness, growth and individualism.”
SEL Presentation at October 30 Board Meeting
At the October 30 meeting of the Westfield Board of Education, Franklin School principal Dr. Eileen Cambria, Franklin assistant principal Dr. Paul Duncan and Franklin school counselor Lynn Slomczewski provided an overview of some of the ways our district reinforces Social and Emotional Learning throughout the district.   
Please click this link to view the presentation: