World Languages » Intermediate


The Westfield Public Schools Department of World Languages seeks to provide a well-articulated program in order to prepare students to become responsible citizens in a multicultural and diverse global society. Language skills and cultural awareness promote cognitive development and academic achievement. The study of a world language promotes knowledge, understanding and respect for the perspectives, practices, and products of different cultures.

World Language study in Spanish or French promotes communication with an understanding of the target language and culture. Knowing a language other than English, enables students to converse in the target language and become familiar with the history and the current issues of the people that the language represents. The language skills and cultural awareness that students develop in learning another language are of great value, particularly in education, business, world trade, travel, community and diplomacy.

Intermediate World Languages is a three-year middle school sequence. The Spanish and French courses follow a logical progression for language acquisition and provide a strong foundation with an immersion setting in the classroom, which enables students at each grade to develop language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, while maintaining a focus on language functions and oral production.