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Health Benefits

The health benefits site provides in-depth information about health benefit plans, enrollment & claim forms, health rates, chapter 78 (how to calculate your health plan cost), FSA (flexible spending account), and more.


You can access the health benefits site by visiting 

Username: westfield

Password: Westfield1 (case sensitive)

If you are eligible to enroll for health benefits you will need to choose the type of coverage.  The Coverage Types available are:

  • Single – provides coverage for you only.
  • Family – provides coverage for you, your Spouse or Civil Union Partner and your Child Dependents.
  • Husband and Wife/Two Adults – provides coverage for you and your Spouse or Civil Union Partner only.
  • Parent and Child(ren) – provides coverage for you and your Child Dependents, but not your Spouse or Civil Union Partner.


Civil Union: A union that is either established pursuant to New Jersey law or recognized by the State of New Jersey as a Civil Union.

Civil Union Partner: A person who has established and is in a Civil Union.
Dependent: A Spouse, Civil Union Partner, or Child Dependent whom the Employee enrolls for coverage under this Plan.


Your dependent children are entitled to stay on your health insurance plan.  

Please note the following age limitations:

Medical - End of 
calendar year (December 31) of 26th birthday
Prescription - End of 
calendar year (December 31) of 26th birthday
Dental - End of 
calendar year (December 31) of 23rd birthday