Payroll and Benefits » Divorce


Health Coverage-

You must remove your spouse immediately after divorce. Fill out this form and return to Payroll immediately after the qualifying event.
Social Security (if applicable) -

Notify Social Security immediately of any name change and request a new card (form is here).Once you have received your new card, please send us a copy so that we can change your name. For Board of Education purposes, we cannot make any name change until we receive your new card (this includes your district email).
Notify Human Resources (CARLA WOLF at of any change of address or telephone number.

Pension/Life Insurance -
You can change your beneficiary on-line (see information on MBOS). Your Pension number is located on your pay slip.

Tax Shelters -
Notify your representative of any changes. Click here for contact information.

Credit Union-
Call 908 -245-0173 for changes

Call 866-881-2255 for changes

Prudential -
Call 800-727-3414 for changes

AFLAC –# J7J23
Call 732-306-5890 for changes

LegalShield & IDShield
Call Jerry Gabriele for changes