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Life Changing Events

The following are just some examples of "Life-Changing Events" that you should notify the office about (Click on each for information on protocol about submitting information):

Notify the office within 30 days or you could be penalized:
Marriage or Civil Union
For details about what to do when you get married/enter into a civil union, click here.
For information about what to do when you get divorced, click here.
Change of Name
Notify Social Security immediately of any name change and request a new card (Social Security Card Application below). Once you have received your new card, please send us a copy so that we can change your name. For Board of Education purposes, we cannot make any name change until we receive your new card (this includes your district email).
Family Leave
For information about family leave, click here.
Extended Illness
Employees anticipating an extended absence of 5 days or more (illness, surgery, etc.) please read the Extended Absence Procedure (below).
Other Circumstances:
Contact the office at if you have any of the following:

Death-of family member
Child/Dependent Terminating Our Health Coverage
Change in Spouse's Employment Status (With regards to health benefits)