The goal of the Technology department is to improve the quality of education for students and teachers by providing technology opportunities and resources for students, faculty, and staff.
Primary Strategies

Recent Technology department projects include: increased WAN connectivity speeds, implementing an IP phone system, and upgrading our network infrastructure. Our district now has a stronger and faster platform from which students and staff are able to integrate technology resources seamlessly throughout the curriculum and users are able to work more efficiently to be more productive.
The Technology Department is comprised of two divisions:
  • Information Technology Services:The core function is to procure, deploy and maintain district hardware, software and network resources
    • IT Services provide the technological foundation to promote our primary strategies listed below.
  • Instructional technology:Focuses on how staff utilizes the technology resources available in and out of the classroom.
    • Instructional Technology also provides all technology related professional development for all staff members in the district.
    • Teachers and administrators use technology tools and strategies for continuous improvement of curriculum and instruction and to assess, gather, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information.
    • Collaborate with all stakeholders-board members, central office, principals, teachers, parents, and students to implement effective technology practices
    • Focus on goals to improve achievement and instruction
    • Coherent Curriculum
    • Data-driven Decisions
    • Create a corps of instruction-focused administrators who foster an environment and culture conducive to the comprehensive integration of technology
    • Create a system of ongoing professional development that responds to data-revealed needs that are connected to District goals
    • Provide incentives for professional growth
    • Continually learn, assess, and readjust practice
Technology Staff
Brian D. Auker - Chief Technology Officer

Michelle Chiodo - Administrative Secretary

Arvin Vidal - Network Manager

Jodi Anderson - Systems Administrator

Ned Khan - Information Processing Manager
Joseph Marateo - Assistant Network Manager
(High School, Elm Street)

 LuisCarlos Bustamante - District Computer Technician
(Elm Street, Franklin, Washington, Wilson)

Derek Lewis - District Computer Technician
(Edison, Roosevelt)

Anthony Nunez - District Computer Technician
(Jefferson, Lincoln, McKinley, Tamaques)