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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

MQ: What is the process to obtain a Child Study Team evaluation?

A: Typically, the classroom teacher and the Intervention & Referral Services (I & RS) Committee recommend strategies and building level support that can be utilized in the regular education setting. If a student's difficulties persist after the strategies and/or services have been implemented, a referral to the CST may be made. A referral is a written document that has been dated by the staff member, parent or administrator who receives the referral. This provides a start date for the first timeline.

The CST will convene an identification/evaluation planning meeting within 20 days from the dated receipt of this request. The parent and referring teacher will meet with the entire CST at this time to review the student's needs and jointly determine if an evaluation should occur. Meeting attendees will be asked to sign an attendance sheet.

If there is an agreement to perform an evaluation, a written plan for the evaluation is developed at the meeting, describing the nature and scope of the evaluation. Written consent for an evaluation is required by the parent/guardian. This consent for evaluation can be provided at the conclusion of the meeting or the parent may wish to take additional time before providing written consent. Evaluations can only begin after the parent has provided written consent. The district has ninety (90) days from the time written consent is provided to complete the entire evaluation, eligibility and placement process.

Parents will receive written notice of the results of this meeting. A decision may be made that an evaluation may not be warranted. Students may be referred back to the I & RS Committee or for other community or school based services.

A written request for a Child Study Team referral may also be forwarded to Mike Weissman,Psy.D., Assistant Superintendent, 302 Elm St., Westfield, NJ 07090. Concisely state your concerns, include your child's name, date of birth, home address, home school, telephone number and email address, if appropriate. Upon receipt of your letter, Dr. Weissman will forward a written letter to you describing the referral process and provide you with the name of a contact person.

Q: What is the process if my child is not yet 3 years old?

A: Contact the Early Intervention Services Center by telephone at: