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Public Participation

Welcome to your School Board Meeting.  Your input is welcomed.  On this page,  you will find information regarding the procedures for public participation in Westfield Board of Education public meetings.
Please note:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Board of Education meetings currently are held virtually.  Instructions on how to access the virtual meetings are posted on the Board tab at
In compliance with Chapter 231 of the Public Laws of 1975, entitled the “Open Public Meetings Act,” a notice of each meeting of the Westfield Board of Education is delivered to The Westfield Leader, The Star-Ledger, the Westfield Library, Town Clerk of Westfield, TAP into Westfield and, setting forth the time, date and location of this meeting.  Notice of each meeting also is posted on the district website and district social media.
Instructions for public participation during virtual Board meetings:
Members of the public will be allowed to make public comments twice during the virtual meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, the public may comment on agenda items only and at the end of the meeting, the public can comment on any topic. At the appropriate time on the agenda, the Q&A window will be opened for public access. If you wish to address the board, please type in your name and address. Individuals who are calling into the meeting and wish to speak can touch *3 to access the raise your hand function which will notify a staff member that you want to speak. When your name is called, a staff member will unmute your microphone. Each speaker is limited to three minutes. Please note that if any member of the public becomes disruptive during the remote meeting, the board president may mute the speaker's microphone. Continued disruptions may result in removal from the virtual meeting.