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BOARD MEMBER                                                                                                         TERM OF OFFICE

Brendan Galligan (President) –                                        2013-2022
Sahar Aziz (Vice President) -                                                  2021-2023
Robert Benacchio -                                                        2022-2024

Michael Bielen –                                                                 2017-2022

Leila Morrelli -                                                                     2021-2023

Sonal Patel -                                                                          2021-2023

Amy Root  –                                                                            2017-2022

Kristen Sonnek-Schmelz -                                   2022-2024

Mary Wickens -                                                                2022-2024


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Westfield Board of Education is dedicated to providing a quality educational experience to its students and bases its work and deliberation on district goals and initiatives as well as on the legally mandated business of the district.