China Day at Franklin

Second graders at Franklin Elementary School in Westfield recently used virtual passports to participate in “China Day,” an annual tradition that promotes the learning of Chinese language, history, and culture as part of a districtwide 2nd grade unit on cultural diversity.

Six virtual stations provided information and activities throughout the day.  The virtual program on March 18 included writing Chinese characters while learning common phrases in Mandarin, using watercolors to paint the legendary Chinese dragon, exploring ancient artifacts, and trying Tai Chi, the Chinese martial art often used to promote health and combat stress.

Students – some working behind plexiglass shields depending on whether classroom desks could be set 6 feet apart or not – also listened to a Chinese New Year story and traveled on a virtual field trip to the Great Wall of China.

Class activities related to the China study unit vary at each elementary school.

Source: Westfield Public Schools