Artistic Expression through Movement

Edison students received a lesson in modern dance techniques from members of the Carolyn Dorfman Dance company, as the dancers explored ways to express themselves through movement.

Dorfman, a choreographer and founding artistic director of the New Jersey-based dance company, first led the group in a discussion of body language, illustrating open and closed positions, before asking each student to name something that makes them laugh.

“You should dance with energy and joy,” Dorfman told the students during the master class on Feb. 6. “The body should be driven by spirit and intention.”

Following a few warm up exercises, the class focused on the humanizing aspects of dance, with Dorfman and her dance team leading the students in expressive dance movements to demonstrate various emotions.

“Life is about choices.  Dance is about choices,” said Dorfman.  “You have to make those connections between life and movement.”

“Dance is a performing art form that allows for artistic expression through human movement.  Students are introduced to the principles of dance (time, energy and space) in the district,” added Thomas Weber, K-12 Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts.  “This dance master class provided the opportunity for select students to further explore how dance can communicate ideas and emotions.”

For a photo album of the Dance Master Class at Edison, click HERE.


Source: Westfield Public Schools