WHS Student Musicians Selected for Regional Ensembles

Every year, hundreds of students prepare and audition for the 2020 Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) region orchestra, band, and chorus.  “It is a highly selected audition process,” says band director Christopher Vitale.  “These students will perform with a Region II ensemble this month and will be eligible to audition for New Jersey All-State ensembles.”

Adds choral director John Brzozowski:  “We are so proud of all of the students who auditioned for these prestigious ensembles.  It takes a ton of hard work, preparation, and guts to audition.”

The following students will perform this month in a Region II ensemble:

Region II Band

  • Alexander Cha, 11th grade, Clarinet
  • Conor Daly, 10th grade, Trombone
  • Patrick Gallagher, 10th grade, Tuba
  • Ian Gurland, 12th grade, Mallet Percussion
  • Max Tennant, 12th grade, Trumpet
  • Aprina Wang, 11th grade, French Horn


Region II Orchestra
  • David Criscuolo, 12th grade, Percussion
  • Amy Xiao, 10th grade, Violin
Region II Chorus
  • Olivia Alpizar, 10th grade
  • Daniel Andrade, 12th grade
  • Blake Baretz, 10th grade
  • Aprameyo Chakravarty, 9th grade
  • Russell Cohen, 11th grade
  • Roselyne Garabete, 12th grade
  • Sam Horvath, 11th grade (5th place in region)
  • Zaria Katz, 11th grade
  • Sarah LaMonica, 9th grade (2nd Place in region)
  • Samuel Laitman, 9th grade
  • Joshua Madera, 10th grade (Tied for 5th Place)
  • Mason Marino, 9th grade
  • Finn McGurn, 11th grade
  • Matthew Meixner, 11th grade (1st Place in region)
  • Katherine Miles, 10th grade
  • Vincent Mora, 12th grade
  • Aishik Palit, 11th grade
  • Rachel Seiden, 12th grade
  • Eden Wilcomes, 10th grade
  • Ryan Williamson, 9th grade
Source: Westfield Public Schools