"China Day" at Franklin

There were Chinese artifacts and martial arts, lessons in Mandarin and fine arts, and traditional Chinese games, as Franklin 2nd graders enjoyed a wide variety of activities on “China Day” on Feb. 21. 

For the latter half of the day, the students rotated every 30 minutes between classrooms set up to promote learning of Chinese language, history, and culture. Parent volunteers were on hand to help with each activity.  In one classroom, for example, students used fine brushes and ink to write Chinese characters while learning to speak common phrases in Mandarin.  In another, a scavenger hunt was underway as 2nd graders searched for Chinese artifacts, on loan from the Morris Museum, with names beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  Elsewhere, there was watercolor painting of the legendary Chinese dragon, basic lessons in the ancient art of Kung Fu, and fun with traditional Chinese games.

The study of China is part of a districtwide 2nd grade unit on cultural diversity.  Class activities related to the unit vary at each school.


Source: Westfield Public Schools