Roosevelt Intermediate School

Administrative Email • Office of the Principal


September 4, 2013


Dear RIS Parents & Guardians,


Welcome to a new school year.  We have just opened our doors to approximately 727 students and I am delighted to know your child will be among them.   On behalf of all Roosevelt Intermediate School employees, I want to extend a warm welcome back to our school community who contributes immensely to our success.


As mentioned in my midsummer letter to you, many changes have occurred which will result in positive experiences for our students.  First, a new roof has been installed that will ensure that severe weather does not cause damage to the building infrastructure.  Secondly, our students have newly re-carpeted computer labs; as well as new iPad and laptop carts and desktop computers that will enable them to learn and utilize 21st century skills in their education.  Lastly, many of our teachers and supervisors attended training as we begin a new system of teacher evaluation as mandated by the NJ Department of Education.  This new system will result in a paradigm shift which will ultimately improve learning for your child.


As we begin this new school year, bullying continues to be a focus of all schools across New Jersey.  As the building principal, it is my belief that learning flourishes in an environment conducive to such.  I believe in providing the support students need and then setting appropriate standards that maximize learning as well as social and emotional development.  Confronting and addressing bullying today assists our students in becoming successful adults tomorrow.


Finally, please know that the door to my office is always open for your comments and concerns. I appreciate any feedback that contributes to Roosevelt’s continued success as both a Blue Ribbon and Reward School.  Thank you for taking the time to read this opening letter.  I look forward to meeting you this year.






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